Athens State Data Request System

Please complete the following as indicated then choose Submit. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail that your request has been received. Most requests can be completed within a 2 -3 day period, however, some complex requests may take longer. Requests for student personal information such as e-mail or mailing addresses will be routed to the Registrar for approval.

A number of data items are available in the online Fact Book at including: Student enrollment data broken by colleges, majors, full time/part time. Class and course data by subject, delivery format, and campus location.
For example, 06-DEC-23
ex 2562338100
Please provide a detailed description of the data requested (i.e. enrollment, credit hours) including:
  1. any selection criteria (new students, Art majors, FT Faculty, etc.);

  2. a data timeframe (e.g. Fall 2011, Academic Year 2010-11) or e.g. Fall 2009 - Fall 2010).
For example, 06-DEC-23

The reports and data made available through this Athens State Data Request System will be marked either as Official Data collected from the University Data Warehouse that is based on official census dates used for state and Federal reporting requirements. Other data may be collected from Banner live data. All reports/data will be marked with the data source and applicable dates.